An ISIS GoPro Cam Shows Result of Fail Attacks against Kurdish Forces

Fri Apr 29, 2016 13:23:06

Footage found on a GoPro camera mounted on the helmet of an Islamic State (ISIS , ISIL , IS and Daesh) terrorist shows what appears to be a panicked, badly planned attack against Kurdish forces by the militants, a stark contrast to the group's propaganda videos.

According to material supplied by Peshmerga forces, amateur video show a group of Daesh terrorists with a semi armored vehicle try to attack Kurdish fighters with a suicide bomber but it show the terrorist are not well planned.

Kurdish Peshmerga Lieutenant-Colonel Yasir Abdullah says: "That video was filmed on the 16th of December last year and we have about four o' clock in the afternoon that Daesh (Islamic State) began to come, over 200 Daesh fighters, and the fight started at four o'clock and finished 3 o'clock in the night the next day. When we finished fighting Daesh with the help of airstrikes, we went the next day, we were checking the bodies, checking the weapons and when we find them Daesh being killed they have helmets on and they have video you know, GoPro, they've got on their helmet, and we took it off him and then we looked through it and we saw what they recorded, filming. They want to film it all over, to show it to their world that they show.

Because when we show you some videos like you've seen, we take the weapons, we take AK-47 or 'Doshka' (machine-gun) or this kind of weapon, or this truck we have taken off ISIS and we fix it and we use it back against them, and this is where we get equipment and where we get weapons.

Some of the discussion of ISIS terrorists in the clip is as follow:

Footage show rocket hits one of the ISIS vehicles. One of the terrorist who others call him Abu Radhvan say to other: "Where are my magazines?" he reloading his rifle but his automatic weapon slips and fire inside the vehicle.

Other fighter Abu Hajer fires RPG and his comrade Abu Abdullah screams and says: "Abu Hajer! I told you to aim higher! What's wrong with you! You are firing the bullet casings straight at us!"

Abu Radhvan tells Abu Abdullah: "Abu Abdullah, aim higher and be careful. Abu Abdullah you're going to kill us!"

Abu Abdullah telling Abu Radhvan to give him another rocket.Abu Radhvan replies: "What's wrong with this one?" Abu Abdullah shouts “This is only an anti-personnel rocket"

Pair scream at Abu Hajer: "What's wrong with you Abu Hajer!"

Second later their vehicle struck and disabled and driver who was suicide bomber was killed.

Abu Radhvan shouting: "I've been wounded!" heagain  shouting "I've been wounded Abu Abdullah!"


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