US Republican Hopeful Donald Trump Confess Iran as “Great Power”

US Republican Hopeful Donald Trump Confess Iran as “Great Power”
Thu Apr 28, 2016 14:56:55

President Obama’s diplomatic outreach to Iran has helped to turn the country into a “great power,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday during a heavily scrutinized foreign policy address in Washington.

“He’s treated Iran with tender love and care and made it a great power,” Trump said.

Trump’s description was one of the most flattering public portrayals of Tehran's progress, The HILL reports.

"“Iran has indeed become a great, great power in just a very short period of time because of what we’ve done,” he added. “All at the expense and done at the expense of Israel, our allies in the region and, very importantly, the United States itself.”"

The nuclear accord between Iran and P5+1 countries was seen as the clearest manifestation of Obama’s outreach to traditional foreign policy rivals, which he had been promising since his 2008 campaign.

In doing so, Obama’s White House has been accused of abandoning longtime allies and partners, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“Our friends are beginning to think they can’t depend on us,” Trump said on Wednesday.

“We have a president who dislikes our friends and bows to our enemies, something we’ve never seen before in the history of our country.”

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