Lebanese Army Units Detain 11 ISIS Militants

Lebanese Army Units Detain 11 ISIS Militants
Wed Apr 27, 2016 23:12:50

The Lebanese Army arrested 11 ISIS militants who have posed themselves as refugees in Northern Lebanon, local media reported on Wednesday.

Local media reported the militants were arrested in Bshirri in Northern Lebanon after officials received several tips from locals about their affiliation with the terrorist group.

The news of these arrests in Bshirri was later confirmed by the Lebanese Ministry of Defense.

According to a security source, the militants who are Syrian nationals, have now been transferred to the relevant authorities to be further interrogated.

The ISIS terrorists have been present along the Syria-Lebanon border, especially in Jaroud region, since several months ago.

Earlier this month, the Lebanese army pounded the terrorists' military positions in al-Qalamoun region near the border with Syria with artillery and mortar shells.

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