Russian FM Lavrov Warns Europe’s Security Remains in Deadlock

Russian FM Lavrov Warns Europe’s Security Remains in Deadlock
Wed Apr 27, 2016 20:00:29

Russia's foreign minister said Wednesday a recent ambassadorial-level meeting between representatives of Moscow and NATO proves absence of progress in Europe's security situation.

Addressing the Fifth Moscow Conference on International Security, Sergei Lavrov said ambassadors from the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) failed to reach agreements during their recently-held meeting at the Brussels headquarters of NATO.

"The recent Russia-NATO Council meeting, which was held at the strong request of the North Atlantic Alliance following a long pause initiated also by it, proved that European security remains in a deadlock," the Russian foreign minister stated.

On April 20, representatives of NATO and Russia held the formal meeting for the first time since ties between the two sides strained in 2014 over the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia's Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko recently said Moscow’s relations with NATO will not improve unless the Western military alliance adopts a new policy regarding Russia.

Lavrov also said it is impossible to establish security in Europe and elsewhere without the participation of Russia, adding, “I can only agree with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who said once that it is impossible to create stable security architecture on the European continent without our country. Other European colleagues agree with that. But do the actions of our Western partners correspond with these goals?”

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