ISIS Executes 21 of its Own Members in Raqqa -Syria

ISIS Executes 21 of its Own Members in Raqqa -Syria
Tue Apr 26, 2016 18:17:49

The ISIS terrorist group executed 21 of its own members in the Northeastern city of Raqqa on charges of fleeing the battlefield, informed sources said.

"At least 21 members of the ISIS were arrested by the Takfiri terrorist group's security forces and executed on charge of escaping battles against the Syrian government forces across the country," the source said adding, "A number the ISIS commanders have also been relocated to the terrorist group's positions in Iraq."

Earlier this month, the ISIS executed 15 of its own members in Raqqa on charges of assassinating one of the group's senior commanders.

"The ISIS arrested at least 35 of its own members on Saturday on charge of leaking information about the secret hideout of Abu al-Hija' al-Tounisi, who was killed in an air raid on Wednesday," sources said.

"The ISIS security forces in Raqqa found 15 of the arrested members guilty and sentenced them to death penalty," the statement added, FNA reported.


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