VDO:15 Civilians Killed, Dozens Injured in Terrorist Attack in Hama and Aleppo

Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:18:17

15 civilian was killed and Dozens others were seriously injured on Sunday as terrorists committed a new breach of the cessation of hostilities agreement by targeting in Homs and Hama with rockets and mortars shells.

SANA reported quoted a source at Hama Police Command as saying that the shells were fired from al-Jaberiyeh village were terrorists from “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” and Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) are operating.

Four of the shells hit residential neighborhoods, while the other 10 fell in the surroundings of the city, which is located in the northwestern countryside of Hama, according to the source. 4 civilians killed and dozens others injured in these attacks.

In Aleppo 11 civilians were killed in shelling attacks on residential areas by terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups linked to it in Aleppo city.

The terrorist attacks on the neighborhoods of al-Ashrafiye, Manyan, Saif al-Dawla, al-Khalidiye, Nile Street, al-Hamadaniye, and al-Mukambo injured scores of civilians and caused considerable damage to more than 100 houses, 7 mosques, 3 schools, and 20 cars.

Syria calls on Security Council and UN Secretary-General to condemn recent terrorist attacks.

Syria demanded that the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to condemn immediately and sternly the recent terrorist attacks which targeted residential neighborhoods in Damascus, Damascus Countryside, and Aleppo provinces.

In two identical letters sent to the head of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on Sunday, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Damascus city and Aleppo city were targeted on Saturday April 23rd 2016 with terrorist attacks by armed terrorist groups who fired 69 rocket shells, mortar rounds, and gas cylinders at them.


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