VIDEO: 250 Injured Civilians of Kafrayya, Fuaa Transferred to outside Hospitals

Thu Apr 21, 2016 14:03:59

Video published by London Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights dependent to opposition Forces “SOHR” showing buses and vehicles exiting the towns of Kafrayya and Fuaa , which moved about 250 injured person along with their companions out of both towns, so that they can be treated in Syrian forces controlled areas in other Syrian provinces.

Kefraya and Fua are two villages in Syria’s northern Idlib province which Since March they have been surrounded by a rebel coalition dominated by groups linked to al-Qaeda who have threatened to massacre the mainly Shia Muslim villagers.

In September, a deal known as “the four town’s truce” was struck. A delivery of aid to all four areas (Kefraya and Fua plus Madaya and Zabadani) went ahead in October. In first days of New Year an elaborate evacuation took about 450 injured and sick people out of the towns via Turkey and Lebanon.


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