VIDEO: Iraqi Forces Gain 3 ISIS Headquarters North Baquba, Rescue Children

Wed Apr 20, 2016 18:47:06

Iraqi officials announced the seizure of three main headquarters the ISIS during a security operation Northeast of Baquba.

Member of Diyala Provincial Council, Karim Abdullah said in a statement obtained that al-Hashed al-Asha’ri militia of Jabour tribe, active in the area of Sharwin, Northeast of Baqubah, conducted an operation in coordination with the security forces, in al-Zour area and succeeded in seizing three main headquarters for ISIS, Iraqi News reported.

The statement added, “The ISIS militants escaped and did not confront the raiding force.”

In a separate development on Wednesday, The Ramadi Governor, Ibrahim al-Awsaj, announced three mass graves containing the remains of 30 civilian and military personnel have been discovered in Southern Ramadi.

Awsaj said in a brief statement that the mass graves were found in the area of al-Mallab in Southern Ramadi,” noting that, “the graves included the remains of 30 persons, most of whom were military personnel along with some civilians, including two children.”

He also added that the graves were opened under the supervision of an investigating judge, while the dead bodies were transferred to the forensic medicine authority, FNA reported.

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