Syrian Army Attacks Terrorists in Ghouta, Dumayr in Damascus Countryside

Syrian Army Attacks Terrorists in Ghouta, Dumayr in Damascus Countryside
Mon Apr 18, 2016 17:53:42

The Syrian Army forces targeted terrorist position in areas in al-DierKhbyeh farms in the Western Ghouta, Also shelling terrorist in Khan al-Shih camp and al-DierKhbyeh farms in the Western Ghouta.

Syrian Army helicopters attack terrorist in Khan al-Sheikh farms in the Western Ghouta and ground forces shells terrorist fortifications in the area of Bala and the towns of Deir al-Asafir and Zabdean in the Eastern Ghouta, amid renewed clashes between the Syrian allied forces against “Islamic factions” in the areas of Bala and al-Nashabiyah in al-Marj at the Eastern Ghouta, coincided with bombing by the Syrian air force on the clashing areas.

Meanwhile Syrian army helicopters targets terrorist in areas in the city of al-Dumayr, amid renewed clashes between the "rebels" and Islamic Factions against Jund al-Malahem Brigade and al-Seddiq Brigade who follow the “Islamic state” near the automated furnace area in al-Dumayr, syriahr reports.

In terrorist attack to civilian area at least a teacher was injured in the area of al-Ma’srah checkpoint at the outskirts of al-Dumayr city, while helicopters bombed areas in the eastern mountain of Zabadani town, amid shelling by the Syrian Government on areas of terrorist Concentration.

Also in Damascus Province a child was killed by a sniper fire in the 15th Street area in al-Yarmouk Camp south of the capital.


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