Syrian Warplanes Target ISIS Supply Route in Homs Province

Syrian Warplanes Target ISIS Supply Route in Homs Province
Sun Apr 17, 2016 15:13:42

The Syrian fighter jets struck and destroyed ISIS's main supply line near Wadi Abyad road in Homs province on Sunday.

Battlefield sources confirmed that the ISIS sustained heavy losses in Syrian airstrikes near Wadi Abyad road in Homs province.

The Takfiri terrorists' armored and military vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns were also destroyed in the Syrian fighter jets' raids on Sunday.

Meantime, the sources also confirmed that the ISIS's military positions in the towns of Tir Ma'ala and Talbiseh were destroyed.

The ISIS also sustained heavy losses in al-Mishirfeh al-Janoubiyej village, Jubb al-Jarrah area and Rasm al-Arnab village.

In a relevant development on Friday, the Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the ISIS positions in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of the recently liberated city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and targeted them heavily.

The ISIS gathering centers near the villages of Arak, Bardeh and al-Sukhneh came under the heavy strikes of the Syrian warplanes, which inflicted major damage on the militants' military hardware and vehicles.

The ISIS also sustained a heavy death toll in the air raids.

Also on Wednesday, the Syrian army and its allied forces continued their advances Southeast of Homs province, and seized back a strategic hilltop in the region.

The army units won back Tal SyriaTel in the Southeastern Homs in tough battle with the terrorists.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Syrian army and popular forces, FNA reported.

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