Russian Police Arrest Most Wanted ISIS Recruiter in Moscow

Russian Police Arrest Most Wanted ISIS Recruiter in Moscow
Sat Apr 16, 2016 17:21:07

The head of Russian Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev has announced that Moscow police have arrested one of the most wanted ISIS recruiters on Saturday.

Kolokoltsev noted that the recruiter was working as a taxi driver in Moscow.

"We have completed a special operation, codename "Taxi." The police had to look through the dossiers of over 173,000 taxi drivers… One of those drivers was wanted internationally for recruiting Daesh fighters," the minister said.

ISIS, a group in control of large territories in Syria and Iraq, is notorious for recruiting people into its ranks from all over the world, using all available means of propaganda.

Russia, like other countries around the world, has been exposed to the risk of becoming a potential recruiting ground for radical Islamist networks. In December 2015, the FSB estimated that up to 2,900 Russian nationals were suspected of participation in ISIS-linked activities, Sputnik reported.


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