VIDEO: Explosive Device Most Challenge to Iraqi Forces to Mosul Offensive

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:16:33

The Iraqi government forces, Iraqi-Kurdish armed forces and Sunni tribal fighters have jointly completed the first phase of their joint forces operation in Ninawa.

The joint forces have killed 500 ISIS Terrorists , recaptured three villages and destroyed six strategic positions of extremist groups.

Now most of the joint forces are stationed at the Makhmur camp in the Kurdish region, which is 80 kilometers away from Ninawa's capital of Mosul.

But Iraqi forces are still facing challenges in recaptured areas of the Ninawa (Nineveh) region. The joint forces are depending on fortifications west of their Makhmur camp against night-time suicide bombing attacks.

These fortifications will also serve as advance base for the push toward Ninawa and eventually Mosul.

Now at these fortifications, the joint forces are readying themselves for night-time challenges.

One government force soldier Kaka Mohamed tells us: "Now there are no attacks by the extremists at daytime as they have no heavy weaponry. They had no more armored vehicles. But they would assault us at night with explosive devices and suicide bombing attacks."

When the joint forces push west-ward toward Qayyarah, the terrorist would force local villagers as human shields in their attempt to stop the advance of the joint forces.

Soldier Kaka Mohamed continues: "The thorny issue in our offensives are the local villagers who are used by extremists as human shields. So we must rescue these villagers as soon as we can, because the extremists would buffer these villagers against our frontal offensives. The extremist groups dare not face us up directly."

During the interview, an explosion has occurred in a distant village. The soldier has explained to us that the explosion may have been an explosive device set up to the roadside by extremist groups.

At the Makhmur camp we have seen a military vehicle destroyed by roadside blasts. devices are now the main obstacles on the path of the joint forces on their way to Mosul.

The joint forces are getting rid such explosive devices while waiting for reinforcement before their offensives against Mosul.


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