40 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Liberation Operation in Al-Bashir Region

40 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Liberation Operation in Al-Bashir Region
Tue Apr 12, 2016 21:12:50

In a statement Iraqi military has announced that "the battles in al-Bashir area has resulted in killing 40 ISIL fighters and wounding more than 25 others.

A source in Iraqi military announced on Monday that at least 40 ISIL militants were killed and more than 25 other were wounded during the liberation operation in al-Bashir region in Southern Kirkuk.

“The clashes also led to the killing of nine Iraqi local fighters of al-Hashd al-Shaabi volunteer forces fighting with Iraqi military in the region," the sources added.

“However, the whole operation was a success as the Iraqi security forces backed by popular para-military fighters managed to liberate the villages of Albu Moufarej and al-Mazraa West of al-Bashir village,”

"Meanwhile, the Iraqi aircraft managed to destroy three car-bombs driven by suicide bombers on the roads in the area.”

Iraqi army has gained the upper hand in battle against ISIL in Kirkuk province, As in the weekend, the Iraqi Army and their allies pushed back ISIL militants in fresh special operation in the Western part of the village of Bashir in the province.

Iraqi security forces backed by popular forces advanced toward the Southwestern part of Bashir village, hitting ISIL positions and imposing heavy casualties on them.

The development occurs as Iraqi security forces also are making more gains against ISIL militants in the Western province of Anbar.

Security and popular forces manage to liberate the city of Heet on Monday, as part of their operation to drive out terrorists from the Anbar province; FNA reported.


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