VIDEO: Water Festival Kicks Off in Myanmar

Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:29:14

Myanmar celebrated Thingyan, or water festival, on Tuesday (April 12) as similar festivities kicked off in the Southeast Asia region.

People gathered in downtown Yangon near the Sule pagoda in the morning for the celebration which started with traditional dance performances.

Thingyan or water festival is a unique festival only in the Southeast Asia region. Thingyan (Water Festival) is great fun.

“We cannot see this kind of festival in western countries. We should enjoy this festival the best we can.” said 23- year-old Thura Tun.

The celebration also included visiting the temple in the morning, washing hair, and cutting nails as such actions are believed to sweep away bad things and welcome new ones.

People often go home to celebrate the five-day festival with their family. “We usually enjoy the water festival with our families in the most peaceful manner,” said 27-year-old Zarni Nway Nway.

Water festival is also widely observed in other Southeast Asian countries, including Laos and Cambodia.

In Myanmar the water festival mainly takes place between April 12 -16.

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