VIDEO: Pakistani Sharp Shooter Shows His Skill of Shooting with AK-47

Sat Apr 9, 2016 16:02:34

A man shoots the end of his friend's cigarette using an AK-47 with jaw dropping accuracy in an incredible video.The volunteer either has extreme faith in the gunman's ability or bundles of bravery because he then puts his life on the line again and has what appears to be an apple shot off his head.

According to Daily Mail, both the men are wearing traditional Pakistani dress, but it appears at least one has had military or weapons training, due to technique it takes to hit such small targets with an automatic rifle.

The AK-47, known around the world for being used by paramilitary groups and other militant organizations, is not a weapon necessarily renowned for having such accuracy.

Other rifles such as the M4 offer better accuracy to the user, with the AK-47 often losing its sharpness over time.

However, the sharp shooter makes it look like a state of the art sniper rifle as he successfully takes on his challenges with the ease of a professional marksman.

While the man appears to be an expert now, he probably had his work cut out finding such willing assistants when he first took up his hobby.