6,000 Families Returned to Ramadi: Governor of Anbar

6,000 Families Returned to Ramadi: Governor of Anbar
Wed Apr 6, 2016 16:42:37

More than six thousands families have returned to the district of Ramadi, while pointed out to the opening of the Department of Irrigation east of the district, the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi announced on Tuesday.

The media office of Suhaib al-Rawi said, “The governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi has accompanied the families returning to areas that have been stabilized in Ramadi,” noting that, “The governor confirmed the return of more than six thousand families as well as the return of life to the streets of Ramadi.”

The statement added, “Rawi opened the Department of Irrigation and Abu Zeid al-Hilali School in Joabh east of Ramadi,” asserting that, “The government departments returned to practice its business in the district, [in addition to] returning the initial services to all the neighborhoods that have been secured by local and international teams,” IraqiNews reported.


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