VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Recapture Strategic Town of Al-Eis in Aleppo Province

Wed Apr 6, 2016 15:23:16

Syrian Army forces and their allies managed to recapture the strategic town of al-Eis and its adjacent hill in Southern Aleppo during an intense night operation, military sources said Wednesday.

"Syrian Army, National Defense Forces (NDF), Hezbollah, and Harakat Al-Nujaba fighters, backed by other pro-government sources, in an  intensive night operation, attacked terrorists' defense line in al-Eis and forced them to retreat and eventually leave all their positions in the city and its adjacent areas," said the battlefield source.

"The victory for the Syrian Army against terrorists in Aleppo province was secured after a costly battle with early reports indicated heavy casualties on both sides."

Recapturing the Al-Eis by pro-government forces comes after terrorists, just 3 days ago, during a surprise offensive which some considered a de facto breach of the Syrian ceasefire had occupied the city.

However, terrorists inside the city and at its nearby hill top have came under hourly air raids and 3 separate government assaults over the past 2 days by Syrian Army forces.

Yesterday, the Syrian Army forces and their allies, backed by Syrian and Russian air support, launched a comprehensive operation to recapture Al-Eis..

"As a preliminary phase of the operation, the Syrian and Russian fighter jets conducted several airstrikes over the terrorists' positions and their fortification in Al-Eis, and the nearby village of Banes, hitting a number of targets to facilitate the advance of the ground forces," a source said.

Later, the Syrian Army troops, Hezbollah fighters and NDF, took the initiative to attack the terrorist positions in al-Eis and its nearby areas and engaged in intense battles with terrorists to recapture the town South of Aleppo province.

Sources said the Syrian forces have repeatedly repelled militants' attacks in recent days and managed to kill a large number of them.

On November 12, the Syrian army troops backed by Hezbollah forces and Russian Air Force gained control over al-Eis, however they terrorist made several attempts to wreak havoc in the town.

Al-Eis turned into the scene of fierce clashes between pro-government and terrorists after the Syrian army and Hezbollah resistance movement forces made huge advances in the Southwestern part of Aleppo, and prevailed over Al-Hadher region, leading to terrorists’ withdrawal toward al-Eis town, west of al-Hadhar city.

The Syrian army and Hezbollah forces then captured al-Eis heights in a consequent move against terrorists, FNA reported.

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