VIDEO: France’s Bordeaux Conducts Anti-Terrorism Drill ahead of Euro 2016

Tue Apr 5, 2016 10:54:22

The southwestern French city of Bordeaux conducted an anti-terrorism drill on Monday evening as it prepares for the UEFA Euro 2016 in June.

More than 500 policemen, firefighters and health workers took part in the mock terrorist attack in the Place des Quinconces, the second largest city square in the European Union. The square will be used as an outdoor zone for fans during Euro 2016, with the capacity to hold 62,000 people.

The two-hour drill involved a mock attack in the square’s “fan zone” launched by two groups of “terrorists.”

The first terrorist detonated a suicide vest after charging into the crowd, while another was shot dead by the police. A third terrorist took more than 10 hostages.

In response, law enforcement authorities deployed police dogs and robots to detect hidden dangers and collect information. Then firefighters, first responders and medical workers rushed to the scene to evacuate the crowd, treat the wounded and dispose of the dead bodies. At the same time, policemen rescued the hostages held captive by the terrorist and launched assaults on the other hidden terrorists.

Meanwhile, another group of emergency responders waited at the Contemporary Art Museum nearby.

“This is the reception center for victim’s families. If someone comes here, we will ask what his identity is and the reason for coming here. Then he will be guided to a waiting area. If necessary, psychiatrists will provide services at any time,” said Jean-Claude, a participant in the exercise.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and French Health Minister Marisol Touraine were also present at the drill, Reuters reported.

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