VIDEO: Yemeni Popular Forces Kill 15 Saudi Mercenaries in Ma’rib Province

Sun Apr 3, 2016 18:52:16

The popular forces killed scores of Saudi-led troops, including senior commanders, in Ma'rib province on Sunday.

"Our forces killed a large number of Saudi troops, including 15 commanders, in heavy clashes with them," Ansarullah Commander Ali al-Houthi told FNA on Sunday.

Al-Houthi said that Ansarullah's Special Forces also killed five Sudanese mercenaries in heavy clashes in Ma'rib province.

"Five pro-Hadi militias were also killed in the Yemeni forces' strikes on a military base in Ma'rib province and four others were also wounded," the Ansarullah commander said.

In a relevant development on Friday, the Yemeni army and popular forces killed tens of Saudi forces in tough battle in Midi region.

Over 50 Saudi forces were killed in fierce clashes with the Yemeni soldiers and popular forces.

The Yemeni army also destroyed the military hardware of the Saudi troops in Midi.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition has lost over 40 military men in Midi region over past 4 days.

The Saudi forces were trying to penetrate into Midi desert in the past two days, but were pushed back after sustaining heavy losses.

At least 15 military vehicles of the Saudi forces were also destroyed.

In a relevant development in mid-March, a Yemeni intelligence source said that over 4,000 Saudi mercenaries, including 178 commanders, have been killed during the year-long Riyadh-led war against Yemen.

"At least, 4,000 Saudi mercenaries have been killed during the savage aggression of the Saudi-led Arab coalition against Yemen in the past one year," the source told FNA.

He said that tens of the Saudi mercenaries killed by the Yemeni army and popular forces have been Sudanese, Djiboutian, and even Chechen nationals, adding that 178 commanders are seen among the Saudi death toll in Yemen war, "a fact that has always been kept secret the Saudi media".

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