Several ISIS Commanders, Emir of Raqqa Killed in Syrian Air Strike

Several ISIS Commanders, Emir of Raqqa Killed in Syrian Air Strike
Sun Apr 3, 2016 12:14:16

The Syrian warplanes, tipped off by intelligence agents about the venue of ISIS commanders' meeting, bombed Raqqa governor-general's building, killing several terrorist commanders, including the Emir of Raqqa.

The Syrian fighter jets targeted heavily the building of the governor-general in the Central parts of Raqqa, where senior ISIS commanders and Emir of Raqqa Abu Mojahid Libi were in a secret meeting.

Several ISIS commanders and the Emir were killed and several more were wounded in the airstrikes.

Last week, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) managed to seize back a strategic village in the Northern parts of Raqqa province.

The Kurdish forces in heavy clashes with the ISIS terrorists regained full control of Sab'avy village in Northern Raqqa.

Scores of the ISIS militants were killed and wounded in tough battle with the SDF and YPG forces, FNA reported.


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