Mass Grave Found in Palmyra, Army Operation Continues in Idlib and Hama

Mass Grave Found in Palmyra, Army Operation Continues in Idlib and Hama
Sat Apr 2, 2016 09:37:57

A mass grave was uncovered by the popular defense groups in the northeastern parts of Tadmour (Palmyra) city containing bodies of people who were killed by ISIS terrorists.

A field source told SANA reporter that as the engineering units and popular defense groups were combing the area, they uncovered the mass grave and managed to pull 25 corpses, 3 of them are children and 5 others women in Masakin al-Jahizia neighborhood in the city.

Later, the source said that the number of bodies removed from the grave has reached 40 after pulling out 15 bodies, all of them belonging to women and children.

The source said that efforts continue to pull more bodies from the grave, adding that some of the bodies were beheaded and others were brutally tortured.

On May 2015, ISIS terrorists committed a massacre in Palmyra that claimed the lives of 400 people, most of them children, women and elderly.

The source said that the engineering units continue to dismantle the landmines and explosive devices which were planted by ISIS terrorists in the ancient city of Palmyra and residential neighborhoods of the city.

On February 27, army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, restored control over the ancient city of Palmyra and the residential neighborhoods after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and equipment on ISIS terrorists.

Idlib &Hama

An army unit carried out intensive operations in the last 24 hours against the dens of Jabhat al-Nusra  (Nusra Front ) terrorists and “Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union” in the area between the towns of al-Siad and Kafr Zita to the north of Hama city in Hama province, according to field sources.

The sources confirmed that 6 terrorists were killed and their sites, command centers and vehicles were destroyed during the operations.

In the southern countryside of IdlIb, an army unit launched an operation against a den of Jabhat al-Nusra in the area surrounding al-Habit town, killing 3 terrorists and injuring 5 others.

Another army unit destroyed the sites of “Turkistan Islamic Party” and killed 9 of its members in Abu al-Dohour Airport to the southeast of Idleb city.

Army units destroyed 2 sites of Jabhat al-Nusra in Kafar Sajna village and to the south of Rakaya village to the south of IdlIb city.


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