VIDEO: Man Sent Flying for 10 Meters after Hit by Car While Using Cellphone

Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:37:25

A man in east China’s Jiangsu Province was sent flying for ten meters by a car while using cell phone in the middle of a road.

The accident took place in the evening of March 18 in Taizhou City and was recorded by the surveillance video, which showed that the man walked to the middle of the road and stopped to stare at his cell phone.

Within about 30 seconds, a car approached to the man and ran into the man who flew for almost tens meters before falling down to ground.

“As we received the report of the accident, we rushed to the site immediately and found there was only the car at the site and both the driver and the injured man have left for the hospital,” said Pan Jiangang, the police officer from Taizhou Public Security bureau.

Then the traffic police conducted a breath test of alcohol for the driver at the hospital and confirmed he was not drunken.

“After the car in front of me moved forward, I saw a man was there but I didn’t have time to stop before hitting him,” said the driver surnamed Zhou.

The injured pedestrian, surnamed Wang, suffered from multiple fractures, and was declared out of life-threatening danger.

Wang is still receiving treatment at the hospital and the case is under further investigation, CCTV reported.

S/SH 11