Senior ISIS Commander Killed in Mosul in Iraq: Kurdish Sources

Senior ISIS Commander Killed in Mosul in Iraq: Kurdish Sources
Sun Mar 27, 2016 13:22:47

A senior ISIS commander who carried out several executions for the militant group across Iraq was gunned down in Iraq's Mosul Saturday, said a Kurdish official.

“The ISIS executioner, Abu Fourqan al-Misry was shot dead by unidentified gunmen using silent firearms in Mosul downtown,” Ismat Rajab, a Kurdish official in Nineveh province told Kurdish News.

An increasing number of ISIS commanders have been assassinated in the past months by what is believed to be anti-ISIS groups inside the city of Mosul.

Earlier last year, assassins shot at an ISIS convoy in the city killing a senior commander known as Abu Dajana Saudi.

Also on November 27, several ISIS militants were killed in clashes that appear to have taken place inside Mosul, the Kurdish intelligence report said; ABNA 24 reported.

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