More Families Back their Villages as Hama Compromise Moves Forward

More Families Back their Villages as Hama Compromise Moves Forward
Wed Mar 23, 2016 18:00:18

Tens of families have started returning to their houses in a number of villages in al-Hamra area in the eastern countryside of Hama province in implementation of the second stage of the local reconciliation reached early this month.

On March 15, the first stage of the local reconciliation agreement, which includes the northeastern countryside of Hama province, was carried out where tens of locals returned to their homes in al-Fan al-Shamali village.

The second stage of the reconciliation agreement will see families returning to their homes in the villages of al-Birah, al-Huweijeh, Qasr al-Mukharram and Jneineh Gharbiyeh, Hama Governor Ghassan Khalaf said in a statement to SANA on Wednesday.

This is the second step within the agreement between the authorities concerned and the al-Bashakem tribe, he added.

Locals will also be returning to other villages in the province’s eastern countryside in the coming period, the governor said.

The reconciliation agreement was reached during a meeting on March 7th that brought together senior tribes figures, Muslim and Christian scholars and local figures, SANA reported.


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