VIDEO + PICS: US Airstrike Kills 25 Civilians, Dozens of ISIS Militants in Mosul

Mon Mar 21, 2016 13:21:27

ISIS terror group has release a video shows the moments of US-led coalition airstrike on ISIS stronghold of Mosul. It is claimed that at least 25 civilians and dozens of ISIS militants killed in this strike.

Clouds of dust and debris billow through the streets as the camera man falls to the ground in what appears to be a second attack.

The huge explosion rocks the buildings and dust engulfs the screen amid a series of cracks and swoosh of an aircraft.

From below the footage pans upwards to apocalyptic scenes of the grey mushrooming clouds.

The footage shows a destroyed market place with products strewn across the street.

An elderly man with his grey beard spattered with dust and blood points to the sky with his hand, which is also smeared in bright red blood as he calls out for God.

The hastily edited video also shows the corpses of burnt men lying amid the carnage. It is unclear whether they are ISIS militants or civilians.

"It comes as an Iraqi news agency reported that the strike had killed at least 25 civilians - a claim repeated by UK-based international airstrikes monitoring group Airwars, who called on the US-led coalition to say whether it had been behind the colossal attack."

Anti-ISIS activist group MosulEye also linked to the video and said that ISIS was 'destroying' Mosul.

The group reported that the strikes hit a cafe, a warehouse, carbomb workshop and an ISIS intelligence office at the university as well as a security office nearby.

Activists have previously warned civilians from leaving their homes and being used by ISIS as human shields by gathering in busy supermarkets, schools and hospitals.

'ISIS is exhausting all Mosul's capabilities and resources to manufacture ammunition', the group posted on its Facebook group.

ISIS took control of Mosul in June 2014 and has taken advantage of the city's abundant resources and relative security to build its arsenal, DailyMail reported.






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