Syrian Army Troops Preparing for Decisive Fight to Liberate Key Region in Deir Ezzor

Syrian Army Troops Preparing for Decisive Fight to Liberate Key Region in Deir Ezzor
Fri Mar 18, 2016 16:24:36

The Syrian army and its popular allies are readying for the final battle against the ISIS terrorists over al-Shoula region after capturing the key oil-rich region of al-Thayyem in the Southeastern province of Deir Ezzor.

Liberation of al-Shoula region will lead to the reopening of Homs-Damascus road and winning back Deir Ezzur city from the terrorists completely.

Meantime, the ISIS terrorist group announced that it has planted 2,000 mines in al-Janinah village in the Western parts of Deir Ezzur to prevent the Syrian army's advance in the region.

The Syrian Army soldiers backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) reached the key oil-rich region of Thayyem on Thursday after a 48-hour battle with the militants of the ISIS terrorist group, battlefield reports said.

Along with capturing the Thayyem Oil Fields, the Syrian forces also advanced to the Gas Company Technical Institute after pushing thier way into nearby regions Southwest of the recently-liberated Tharda Mountains in Deir Ezzor province.

Thayyem Oil Fields no longer produce oil, but are still deemed of high value due to their closeness to the Deir Ezzor-Mayadin Highway.

As the Syrian Army forces are attempting to fully capture the Thayyem Oil Fields and Gas Company Technical Institute, a brigade of the Syrian elite Republican Guards forces backed by the local tribesmen are pushing Southward along the Deir Ezzor-Mayadin Highway in order to take up positions for an eventual assault on the city of al-Muhassan.

Recently, Syrian Army forces carried out an offensive to recapture parts of the international highway to the ancient city of Palmyra, blocking ISIS’s supply routes from Deir Ezzor; FNA reported.

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