Iraqi Military Reclaims from ISIS Two Districts in Anbar Province

Iraqi Military Reclaims from ISIS Two Districts in Anbar Province
Sun Mar 13, 2016 15:37:42

In the ongoing offensive, the Iraqi military has managed to regain from Daesh two areas in the country’s western province of Anbar, purging the militants away from the territories.

On Saturday, Iraqi counter-terrorism forces took full control over the al-Safiriya and Albu Tayban districts of the province, raising the state flags over key buildings across the regions, local al-Sumaria satellite television network reported.

In the course of cleansing, the Iraqi military also detonated three mine-studded vehicles, Press TV reported.

Thousands of local residents have been provided with food and medical supplies. According to AFP, over 10,000 people who suffered under ISIS occupation have been transported to safer zones.

Separately, the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units repelled Daesh attacks against Ajil and Alas oilfields in northeast of Anbar, according to the group’s commander Anwar al-Asi. The Iraqi forces reportedly killed 25 radicals and injured 20.

Moreover, Iraqi forces repulsed a Daesh assault on the Makr al-Nu'am outpost located in Anbar near border with Saudi Arabia, according to a local security source.  Militants used machine guns and a suicide car bomb in the attack, but border guards defeated them after a three-hour fight. According to Xinhua, nine attackers and three Iraqi troops were killed as a result of a clash.

"The border outpost is under full control of the border guards after defeating the ISIS militants," the source said.

The Iraqi Anbar border line stretching from the west point of the war-ravaged country is the country’s longest, and has been subjected to numerous attacks by Daesh,Sputnik reported.


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