Turkey Army Fires Artillery Rounds into Syria after Alleged Attack

Turkey Army Fires Artillery Rounds into Syria after Alleged Attack
Tue Mar 8, 2016 18:02:47

Turkey’s military opened rounds of artillery fire Tuesday into Syrian territories after an alleged rocket attack from across the border killed one person and injured another.

Turkish broadcaster NTV said the military returned fire into the Syrian territory after rockets coming from the Arab country hit the border town of Kilis.

Turkish media quoted the mayor of Kilis as saying that at least three rockets fired from Syria slammed into the town. One person was killed as a rocket landed near a school and caused casualties. Hasan Kara said another person was injured, adding that two other rockets hit empty areas.

There was no immediate information whether the Turkish fire had also caused casualties, neither was it clear which force was in control of the area in Syria from which they had been fired.

This is the second alleged retaliatory measure by the Turkish forces to a rocket fire from Syria in less than 48 hours.

Reports on Sunday showed that militants of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front fired mortars at Turkish territory from the area near the Syrian settlement of Metishli. Russian military officials monitoring the ongoing truce in Syria said the attacks were a clear attempt to provoke a response from Ankara.

“The actions of militants are aimed at provoking the Turkish military units to return fire and bring their troops into Syria, which will inevitably lead to the disruption of the peace process,” said Lieutenant General Sergey Kuralenko, the head of the Center for Reconciliation.

Damascus has repeatedly blamed the Turkish government for the militancy in in Syria. Turkey denies any involvement, but supports the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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