Syria Would Be Fully under ISIS Control if Russia Hadn’t Intervened: Serbian President

Syria Would Be Fully under ISIS Control if Russia Hadn’t Intervened: Serbian President
Tue Mar 8, 2016 16:23:20

Serbia’s president has praised Russian efforts in fighting terrorists in Syria, saying that if Moscow hadn’t intervened, the Middle Eastern country would have ceased to exist as a sovereign state. The statement comes in stark contrast to NATO’s assessment of the situation.

Tomislav Nikolic emphasized the need for Russian military involvement in Syria, stating that “If Russia didn’t intervene, Syria would be a country of the so-called ISIS  ,” in an interview with TASS on Tuesday.

The Serbian leader was quoted as saying that the Russian military is essential to protecting peace in Syria and countering the terrorist threat, which might spread globally and affect other countries, including Russia, if not contained at this stage.

“Russia should be in the military aspect involved in the protection of Syria at the request from Syria, as it would mean protection from terrorism, and it is much better to be protected from it in Syria than in Russia,” he added, pointing out that the strategy employed by the Russian government is in fact akin to that of the US, which on numerous occasions has used its forces to fight terror overseas.

Commenting on the breakthrough ceasefire deal brokered by Russia and the US, he called it “a very encouraging sign” and urged both parties to curb Turkey’s posture in the region, which he said was “the master” while “staying in the shadow.”

Nikolic also compared the escalating situation with ISIS – which aims to establish a full-fledged state on the territories under its control – to the declaration of Kosovo independence.

“At the time when Kosovo terrorism developed into the establishment of a quasi-country, which some countries…began recognizing, I was confident the time will come and some forces in the world will realize guns and weapons may be used to establish a state,” Nikolic was quoted as saying.

“Ignoring international and humanitarian law, human rights, killing people, posing a huge danger to the world, protecting borders of some territories they created, they enjoy someone’s support,” the president added, without elaborating.

Contrary to Nikolic’s remarks, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his concern over the Russian military build-up in Syria and its naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean in a CNN interview on Monday, RT reported.

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