VIDEO: Nusra Front Shelled Aleppo, 14 Civilians Killed, Dozens Wounded

Mon Mar 7, 2016 17:04:56

At least 14 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded on Sunday when mortars and rockets were fired by al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front insurgents on a mainly Kurdish residential quarter in Aleppo.

A spokesperson for the Syrian-Kurdish YPG said the attacks on the Sheikh Maqsoud quarter of the city killed 14 civilians and wounded dozen more , including four children, two women and three men.

The residential area has been a major frontline in Aleppo for weeks, with heavy clashes between the Syrian Kurdish YPG militias and terrorists in control of large parts of the eastern portion of the divided city.

The London Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence in Syria, also said the attack was among the biggest by rebels in the area that also adjoins state run parts of Aleppo.

At least one hundred rockets were fired by al-Qaeda's Syrian offshoot Nusra Front and hardline insurgent groups on residential areas in the quarter, the Observatory said.


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