Syrian President Adviser: Iran, Russia, China, Allies Seriously Fighting ISIS

Syrian President Adviser: Iran, Russia, China, Allies Seriously Fighting ISIS
Fri Feb 26, 2016 09:51:32

Syria’s Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban underlined that Iran, Russia and China are effectively and really fighting against the terrorist groups.

Shaaban, meantime, underlined that the US and its allies on the contrary have never been serious in their alleged fight against the Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group.

'Iran, Russia and China are principally and influentially engage in an all-out war against the terrorists,' she told reporters on the sidelines of the Valdai International Discussion Club on the Middle East held in Moscow.

Shaaban went on to say that the measures of these countries will guarantee peace and security of the region.

'On the contrary, Washington and its allies are not doing enough to eradicate the Daesh terrorist group,' she said.

Shaaban, meantime, urged an end to the behavior of the countries supporting terrorism in Syria, pointing out that the Syrian government has been working since the beginning for finding a political solution to the crisis.

She said that the Turkish and Saudi regimes as well as other sides are supporting and fostering terrorism in Syria, saying that “a matter that must meet an end as the US stance regarding these sides should be clear as the Russian's.'

Shaaban clarified that the Syrian government has been working since the beginning of the crisis for finding a political solution yet “the oppositions” , which have flourished and grew in these countries targeting Syria, are the sides that foil each endeavor on the track of putting an end to the bloodshed, adding that “when they went to Geneva it was clear that those coming from Riyadh are the sides who foiled Geneva3 and that is why we do not take what they say into consideration because they are part of the problem and we hope that they become a part of the solution.”

She stressed that Syria has announced its acceptance on the Russian-US agreement on the cessation of fighting actions and showed readiness to work with the Russian side to implement this agreement and go ahead in combating Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

Shaaban clarified that Russia wants to implement this agreement and it means what it says, indicating the Syrian-Russian cooperation in counterterrorism, whose results are obvious through the deadly hits directed to the terrorists in Syria.

She said that the problem in applying this agreement lies in the US intention and whether it really wants to join Russia in combating terrorism in Syria and wants to put an end to the bloodshed along with finding a political solution, referring to the doubts that have emerged regarding the latest statements of the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

President Assad's senior advisor noted that the announcement of the date of the Legislative Elections in Syria is Constitutional and it is normal that these elections will be held in their due date, stressing that this issue has nothing to do with Syria’s acceptance of the Russian-US agreement on the cessation of fighting actions in Syria, IRNA reported.

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