Syrian Air Force Jets Pounded ISIL Positions in Homs Province

Syrian Air Force Jets Pounded ISIL Positions in Homs Province
Sun Feb 21, 2016 16:14:35

A military source in the battlefield of Homs province has said that Syrian air force jets have carried out a series of airstrikes to destroy a number of ISIL terrorists' positions in the Central province of Homs on Sunday.

The military sources on the ground said that the terrorist groups also have sustained a growing number of losses in the aerial attacks when the Syrian fighter jets hit ISIL positions and their vehicles transporting terrorists in the surrounding areas of the city of al-Quaryatayn and nearby Southern areas of al-Mahasa in the Southeastern regions of Homs province.

"The Syrian fighter jets also targeted several ISIL vehicles on a road in al-Buseiri area, near Palmyra (Tadmur) highway, putting to death all terrorists in the vehicles," the reports said.

On Saturday, the Syrian army and air force continued their advances in Homs province, killing scores of militants and wounding them in fierce clashes on the outskirts of the al-Quaryatayn city in the Southern part of Homs province.

Tough battle broke out between the Syrian government troops and militants in Maheen, al-Quaryatayn, Tal al-Aswad and Sania al-Rajma as the Syrian fighter jets were heavily pounding other areas; FNA reported.


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