VIDEO: Syrian Air Force Pounds Heavily ISIS, Al-Nusra Terrorists in Aleppo

Thu Feb 11, 2016 16:28:29

The Syrian Air Force has conducted heavy airstrikes on ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists in Aleppo countryside on Thursday, killing many of them and destroying their ammunition and vehicles completely, according to a military source.

The source said that the ISIS gatherings and military hardware, including a depot of machinegun-equipped vehicles, were destroyed during the strikes in Tadef and Tiba al-Ism regions and nearby farms as well as al-Bab city in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of the province, respectively.

Dozens of ISIS and al-Nusra Front militants were killed and wounded during the attack, the military source added.

Earlier reports also said that the militant groups had sustained major losses in the joint combat flights of the Russian and Syrian fighter jets in the Northern part of Aleppo province.

The Syrian and Russian warplanes raided the defense lines of militant groups near the towns of Kafr Hamra and Hayyan, which inflicted a heavy death toll on the militants and destroyed their military grid in large scale.

Wednesday reports said that the al-Nusra Front terrorist group has recalled all its militants to move towards Tal Rafat strategic town in the Northern part of Aleppo as the army and popular forces are advancing in multiple fronts in the province.

The Strategic city of Tal Rafat is located only 17 kilometers from the Turkish borders and the Syrian army is preparing to win back Tal Rafat by attacking the adjacent Kafr Naya town.

The residents of Tal Rafat are also waiting for the army to take control of the town, FNA reported.


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