VIDEO: Moment ISIS Building Destroyed by Missile while Firing At Iraqi Army

Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:45:12

The footage shows RAF fighter jet destroying an ISIS held building in Iraq with two laser guided Brimstone missiles. This precision rockets, which are said to cost £175,000 a piece targeted terror group's machine gunners were firing on Iraqi troops in Ramadi.

In this Footage Two Brimstone missiles fired by Tornado fighter jet flew through windows of Building.

RAF fighter pilots have been filmed destroying an ISIS held building in Iraq with two laser guided Brimstone missiles (circled)

UK Typhoon jets used a Paveway rocket to destroy an excavator which was converted into a giant boobytrap and hidden amongst the trees in Ramadi later that day.

'Paveway attacks accounted for four groups of terrorist fighters, including one heavy machine-gun and two mortar teams.

'When machine-gunners opened fire on the Iraqis from the windows of a single storey building, the Tornados launched a pair of Brimstone missiles which accurately struck both windows.'

In addition to attacks in Iraq in four separate operations, fighter planes struck a vehicle and tunnels near ISIS's de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, as well as the Omar oilfield in the east, The Mail reported.

The rockets are said to be capable of destroying a vehicle which is travelling at speeds of up to 70mph.

RAF Tornado GR4 Brimstone and ALARM

They can be fired from up to seven miles away from their intended target, and from as high as 20,000ft.


Brimstone triple launcher



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