VIDEO: Malian Troops Recaptured UN Police Base in Timbuktu

Sat Feb 6, 2016 10:14:07

Malian troops backed by U.N. helicopters storm a U.N. police base in the city of Timbuktu and recapture it from terrorist who seized it hours before, the United Nations says, 4 terrorists and a Malian soldiers killed in this attack.

Suspected terrorist Friday attacked a UN military camp in the fabled city of Timbuktu in Mali's restive north, wounding at least one peacekeeper, security sources said.

Mali Defence Minister, Tieman Hubert Coulbaly, Said:

"This morning at around 6:30, terrorists attacked a MINUSMA camp in the city of Timbuktu with a car packed with explosives and drove right into one of the entrances to pave the way for a second group of terrorists that were following closely behind. This attack triggered an immediate reaction from the Malian armed forces, and as of right now, the terrorists have been neutralized."

"Out of half a dozen, three have been neutralized and one blew himself up. Mali's armed forces lost an officer, Commander Karim Niang, and we deplore the three wounded. During this attack, two civilians were injured, including a MINUSMA security agent, he added.

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