Iraqi Army Cleanses Albu Soda Area in Northern Fallujah, Kills 18 ISIS Militants

Iraqi Army Cleanses Albu Soda Area in Northern Fallujah, Kills 18 ISIS Militants
Thu Feb 4, 2016 17:16:33

Khalidiya Council in Anbar Province announced on Thursday, that the security forces cleansed Albu Soda area in Saqlawiyah District in northern Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), while indicated that 18 fighters of the so-called ISIS were killed during the operation.

The Head of the security committee in Khalidiya Council Ali Dawood said in a brief statement obtained, “The security forces managed to cleanse Albu Soda area (17 km north of Fallujah) and were able to kill 18 ISIS fighters, in addition to destructing four booby-trapped vehicles.”

Dawood added, “The security forces stationed in the surrounding areas of Albu Soda in order to advance to Albu Shihab and al-Mhamda areas to liberate them from ISIS,” indicating that, “The army and police troops achieved a notable progress in the cleansing battles of Saqlawiyah and the eastern axis of Ramadi, and working to cut off ISIS funding lines and destroy its strongholds,” IraqiNews reported.


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