VIDEO: 200 Masked Mob Attack Migrants in Sweden in Revenge for Assaults on Women

Sun Jan 31, 2016 15:26:17

A mob of 200 masked Swedish men have gone on the rampage in Sweden attacking migrants citing revenge for assaults on women, say police.

The gang, dressed all in black, had been handing out leaflets to passers-by around Stockholm’s main train station declaring “enough now” before the men began targeting migrants and anyone who did not look Swedish.

The group, believed to have links to Sweden’s football hooligan scene, had also donned black armbands before the attack.

The leaflet referred to the killing of Alexandra Mezher, 22, who was working at a refugee centre in Mölndal when she was fatally stabbed after a quarrel broke out among asylum seekers.

A 15-year-old boy from Somalia was later arrested on suspicion of murder.

The pamphlet said: “All over the country, reports are pouring in that the police can no longer cope with preventing and investigating the crimes which strike the Swedish people.

“In some cases, for example, in the latest murder of a woman employed at a home for so called ‘unaccompanied minor refugees’ in Molndal, it goes as far as the National Police Commissioner choosing to show more sympathy for the perpetrator than the victim.

“But we refuse to accept the repeated assaults and harassment against Swedish women.

“We refuse to accept the destruction of our once safe society.

“When our political leadership and police show more sympathy for murderers than for their victims, there are no longer any excuses to let it happen without protest.

“When Swedish streets are no longer safe to walk on for normal Swedes, it is our duty to fix the problem.

“This is why, today, 200 Swedish men gathered to take a stand against the north African ‘street children’ who are running rampage in and around the capital’s central station.

“Police have clearly showed that they lack the means to stop their progress and we see no other way than to hand down the punishment they deserve ourselves.

“The justice system has left walk over and the contract of society is therefore broken – it is now every Swedish man’s duty to defend our public spaces against the imported criminality.”, Express reported.


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