Australia Police Raid Homes Connected to ISIS Propaganda Video in Syria + VIDEO

Fri Jan 29, 2016 08:28:15

Anti-terror police raid homes connected to Australian who starred in ISIS propaganda video in Syria with ‘sex pest’ doctor Tareq Kahleh.

Two homes have been raided connected with an Australian man who appeared in a propaganda video for the so-called ISIS’s health service in Syria.

Anti-terror police raided two properties in Melbourne's outer north in an operation linked to Mohomed Unais Mohomed Ameen, who appeared in an ISIS propaganda video.

The ABC reports that the homes are occupied by the ex-wives of Mohomed Unais Mohomed Ameen, 41, who appeared in an ISIS video along with Australian doctor Taeq Kamleh working in what was presented as an ISIS-operated hospital in Syria.

It says Ameen travelled to Syria in May 2014 and is acting as a physiotherapist in an ISIS hospital.

Ameen may be linked to the Anzac Day terror plot and a bookshop in Springvale that itself is linked to Australians who have travelled to the Middle East to join ISIS, the ABC said.

Ameen allegedly worked with Australian doctor Taeq Kamleh (pictured) in an IS-operated hospital in Syria.

Australian Federal Police have confirmed the Victorian Joint Counter Terrorism Team executed warrants at homes in Meadow Heights and Craigieburn on Thursday morning.

The team comprises AFP officers, Victorian police, ASIO agents and other agencies.

“There is no immediate danger to the community as a result of this police activity,” the AFP said.

“As this matter relates to an ongoing investigation, no further comment can be provided at this time.”

The video appeared last year and focused on Australian doctor Kamleh (pictured) urging Australian sympathisers of Islamic State to come to Syria to work.

The video appeared last year and focused on Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh, who urged Australian sympathizers of ISIS, who were qualified to look after people, to come to Syria and work for the terrorist group as doctors and medical staff.

Ameen, 41, also played a major role in the video, and claimed he was treating up to 500 patients a week. He also called for qualified medical practitioners to join ISIS’s cause.

“We have staff from many other countries, physiotherapy doctors from Russia, physiotherapy doctors from Sham, physiotherapy doctors from Australia, from Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and that a few countries to be named,” he says.

“We have female physiotherapy doctors separately for physiotherapy for females, and for the children. I would like to take this opportunity, call my brothers and sisters who have the medical background, medical knowledge, who [are] qualified or semi-qualified. We need the brothers and sisters to come and help us from all around the world.”

Last June the Australian Federal Police obtained an arrest warrant for Kamleh.

Last year his colleague Kamleh was active on social media, posting an image of an X-ray done in Syria and saying the “pathology here is incredible.”

Last June the Australian Federal Police obtained an arrest warrant for Kamleh at Adelaide Magistrates’ Court.

Last year Kamleh posted an image of an X-ray done in Syria and saying the 'pathology here is incredible'

The warrant relates to charges including membership of a terrorist organization, recruiting for a terrorist organization and entering or remaining in a declared area.

“Should Dr Kamleh return to Australia, this warrant authorizes law enforcement to arrest him immediately,” the AFP said in a statement.

Kamleh has previously stated he never intends to return to Australia.


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