'Jihadi Jack': The Latest Example of Britons Flow to Syria!

'Jihadi Jack': The Latest Example of Britons Flow to Syria!
Tue Jan 26, 2016 18:10:36

A former Oxford schoolboy dubbed “Jihadi Jack” has dismissed reports that he is a member of ISIS .

In his first comments since he was accused of being the first British man to go to Syria to fight for ISIS, 20-year-old Jack Letts denied that he had been radicalised and mocked suggestions that he was fighting for the barbaric terrorist group.

He also hinted that others had obtained access to his Facebook account, and may have posted material that gave the false impression that he had been radicalised.

“It doesnt help, admittedly, that bare [lots of] different people have used my fb account (some of whom are extreme etc..and only got my password through one guy I stupidly trusted).”

And responding to claims he has met Omar Hussain, the former supermarket worker from High Wycombe who left Britain to fight for Isis in 2014, he said: “I just read that I met with some guy called umar in some article. First time I learn this amongst the other lies..”

He is the latest example of the continuing flow of Britons to Syria, with more than 700 having travelled there to date.

Mr Letts went to Cherwell School in Oxford, where he enjoyed sports and was known for his interest in politics. He is thought to have started to take an interest in the Middle East during the Arab Spring in 2011.

Mr Letts had told his parents that he was going to study Arabic in Kuwait when he left Britain in 2014, Independent reported.


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