Leader of Saif al-Sham Terrorist Group Killed in Dara’a

Leader of Saif al-Sham Terrorist Group Killed in Dara’a
Mon Jan 25, 2016 18:13:48

Social media webpage of Saif al-Sham Terrorist Group has acknowledged that 15 members of this terrorist group including a local top militant has been killed during the Syrian army operation in Sheikh Meskeen in the Northern part of Dara'a province on Monday.

The “Saif al Sham Brigades” operating in the region described the attack in Sheikh Meskeen, and admitted that the leader of the organization, nom de guerre Abu al-Ghaith, was killed during the clashes.

On Sunday, terrorist groups operating in Dara'a province also admitted that they have lost scores of their members in the Syrian army's ambush operation on a road in northern parts of the province.

The Wahhabi-Takfiri militants operating in the region confirmed through the social media how their comrades had come under an ambush attack at Ghabagheb-al-Jameaat road in the North of Dara'a province; FNA reported.


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