VIDEO: Calais Refugees Fighting With Local Residents, Rifle Brandished

Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:58:50

This is how the FRENCH deal with Calais refugees who have suffered a lot in their fighting with the local residents : Locals brandish rifle, bike tyres and a beer gut as they confront marchers on pro-migrant rally.

Two Calais residents appeared to goad marchers near town's port and A UK-bound gang of refugees confronted them and shoving started.

A gun was waived at rampaging UK-bound refugees as they fought with local residents in Calais during a pro-immigration rally.

The ugly scenes happened as two shaven-headed men appeared to goad the marchers next to a council estate close to the town’s port on Saturday afternoon.

A gang of migrants broke off to confront them, before pushing and shoving started. It soon turned into fighting, and then the local Frenchmen became to retreat inside their house; dailymail reported.



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