Daesh Cuts Militants’ Salaries to $200: Source

Daesh Cuts Militants’ Salaries to $200: Source
Wed Jan 20, 2016 22:43:27

ISIS organization has decided to reduce its militants’ salaries in Syria and Iraq to the half, while the observatory expected that ISIS suffered this financial distress due to the shelling of the coalition forces, in addition to the Russian Aviation on the oil structures controlled by the organization, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated according to a statement disseminated by ISIS in al-Reqqa area north of Syria.

According to a statement obtained by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the ISIS Organization stated, “Because of the exceptional circumstances that ISIS is passing through, a decision was taken to cut the salaries of the fighters in half.”

The statement added, “No one will be exempt from the decision no matter his position,” pointing out that, “The distribution of food assistance will continue as usual.”

The Director in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman explained, that the fighters’ salaries will be reduced from $400 to $200, IraqiNews reported.


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