ISIS Executed 4 of Its Own Thief Members in the Syrian City of Manbij

ISIS Executed 4 of Its Own Thief Members in the Syrian City of Manbij
Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:27:06

The so-called Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group executed on Sunday four of its own militants in the northern Syrian city of Manbij, after accusing them of robbery and corruption.

“ISIS leadership in Manbij arrested four of its own members and convicted them of corruption,” local media activist Nasser Teljbini told ARA News.

“The terrorists were accused of stealing gold and five million Syrian Liras ($22,700) from the "Islamic Bank" (Daesh Bank) of  Manbij.” 

Subsequent to interrogations, the "Sharia Court" ordered the immediate execution of the suspects, according to the source.

“The four ISIS members were executed by firing squad in front of hundreds of people in central Manbij,” Teljbini reported.

The terrorist group has recently started to punish its own members in public in order to show its strict commitment to prosecute anyone who violates its regulations, even if the violators are from its own member.

Also it is reported that ISIS slashes terrorists' wages to just £100 a month after suffering loss of territory and air strikes on their lucrative oil fields. 

A new document released by the terror group's Treasury which is based in Raqqa, Syria, reveals that ISIS has decided to cut the salaries of all its fighters in half due to 'exceptional circumstances'.

The leaflet was published by Bayt al-Mal, the "Treasury Ministry of ISIS", and although it does not go on to describe the reasons behind the move, it is thought to be related to the massive losses it has recently suffered.




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