AEOI Deputy: Extra Controls, Weapon & Nuclear Sanctions Will Be Removed

AEOI Deputy: Extra Controls, Weapon & Nuclear Sanctions Will Be Removed
Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:46:35

Iran’s Atomic Energy Spokesman has said that in IAEA Director General’s visit to Tehran solution to wrap and Broad conclusion will be formulated.

Behrooz Kamalvandi Spokesman and Deputy Director of International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs of Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency in an interview with Al-Alam News Network program “Min-Tehran” in response to a question about IAEA’s Director General Yukiya Amano in the wake of Implementation of the nuclear deal said that we have invited Yukiya Amano to visit Iran and the goal was to find a framework and We develope a solution to be able to get to the stages that have been predicted to ascertain what is said to be “ broad conclusion”.

Some Extra controls are deleted in duration of time

AEOI Deputy added that this means many of these controls which are in fact extra controls will practically be removed and if we reach conclusion, other sanctions like nuclear sanctions and weapon sanctions and so on will be removed. Therefore we have to have plan for that.

Relief and preservation of nuclear industry two main goals of the negotiations
In another part of his remarks about the prospect of Iran’s nuclear program after the nuclear deal AEOI Deputy said that long negotiations were held that took more than two years and the aim of the negotiations was that to give them relief about our nuclear program and also preserve our nuclear industry. Fortunately in spite of all difficulties we have been successful in achieving these two goals.

Iran has not taken distance from power plant fuel production

Kamalvani added that our long term goal in nuclear industry, whose main characteristic is "enrichment", is to reach to the production of power plant fuel production.

The size of Iran’s nuclear program has not been minimized.

AEOI Deputy mentioned that the volume of our nuclear program has been minimized but in the future it can have more activity. “I want to say that it has not even become smaller. The statistics show that we have reduced two-thirds of our  Centrifuges, but in fact we did not use more than half of our centrifuges because of the technical or political reasons. Now we have new generation of centrifuges that have been tested and some of them were working that we have turned them off these days.

Iran’s time horizon to get to the industrial fuel position has not changed

Kamalvandi said that we do not rush in this area. Even if there was no JCPOA, we were not supposed to be quickly after the production of industrial fuel because this type of fuel has some requirements that we should give some time to that and time itself will solve the problem; especially in quality and the way of production.


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