King Salman’s Policies Provide Ground for Saudi Downfall: Egyptian Politician

King Salman’s Policies Provide Ground for Saudi Downfall: Egyptian Politician
Mon Jan 11, 2016 18:08:47

Senior Egyptian politician Ahmad Rasem al-Nafis has said that extremist policies of King Salman in Syria, Yemen, execution of Sheikh Nimr and support of terrorist groups are signs of Saudi Arabia's confusion and haste that provide Saudi downfall in the near future and will push his country into destruction and misery.

"King Salman's extremist and foolish policies are pushing Saudi Arabia towards destruction," Ahmad Rasem al-Nafis told FNA on Monday.

He pointed to Saudi Arabia's defeats in Syria and Yemen, and said, "Execution of prominent Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr was the first sign of Saudi Arabia's confusion and haste."

Al-Nafis said that Saudi Arabia waged the Yemen war ten months ago, but it gained nothing from it and now al-Nimr has been executed without even providing any reason or proof against the prominent Shiite cleric.

"Saudi Arabia only meant to send a hostile message to the Shiites and Iran since it started its aggression against Yemen and it attacked Iran's embassy after that, and all this shows the bewilderment of the Al Saud," the Egyptian politician said.

Al-Nafis reiterated that the Saudi regime is moving in line with the US policies and will eventually collapse.

In relevant remarks last Monday, a renowned journalist and political analyst blasted the Riyadh government's suppression of the people living under the kingdom's rule, and said that Sheikh Nimr's execution was the most stupid action the Saudi government could do to pave the way for its collapse.

"What the Saudi government has done against Sheikh Nimr is like political suicide and such foolish acts will bring the Al Saud closer to its collapse," Saudi journalist Ali Al Qarash told FNA.

He reiterated that the Saudi regime is a Takfiri system that pursues the worst inhumane methods to crack down on its opponents and critics.

Qarash said that Sheikh Nimr's execution is good evidence that Saudi Arabia should be overthrown.

The Saudi journalist noted that the Saudi courts lack transparency and judicial independence and only serve the Riyadh despotic rulers; FARS NEWS reported.


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