Saudi Leaders Are a Bunch of Fools, Reasons behind Sheikh Nimr Execution

Saudi Leaders Are a Bunch of Fools, Reasons behind Sheikh Nimr Execution
Sun Jan 10, 2016 13:39:55

The execution of Ayatollah Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr has not only put Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses into the spot light, but also its barbaric judicial system and obscurant Wahhabi doctrine. Only does Saudi Arabia execute a prominent opposition figure whose weapon is his word. Where in hell is demanding reforms, equality, increased religious freedom and justice for all, a crime?

Imam of the Grand mosque in Mecca, Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz As-Sudais, admitted in a speech that he had been trying to shift the chaos that is sweeping the Middle East into full scale of Sectarian Sunni-Shia war. He added “we will kill the Shia wherever they are, we will hunt them”. Calls to kill 10-15% of the Saudi population did not stir the Wahhabi Judiciary Body to take action against “instigation for mass murder”.

Shiites who sit on 90% of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are majority in the oil-rich Al-Ahsaa Eastern Province, suffer inhumane discrimination, deprived of their rights to this huge wealth. The execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr has put them once again into the spotlight.

Furthermore, Saudi Wahhabi doctrine divides the world into two categories: Believers (Wahhabi) and Infidels (Non-Wahhabi). Wahhabi Fatwas justify enchanting women, killing men and confiscating property (looting).

One prominent Saudi Wahhabi cleric has issued A Fatwa “The Guardian (King Salman) may kill one third of the population to maintain stability. (Fatwa is a religious edict)

Executing an opposition figure for “disobeying the Guardian” (pledge allegiance to House of Saud) gives Saudis two options “live like sheep or be slaughtered like sheep”.

Reasons behind Execution

Despite indications and assurances that execution of Al-Nimr was not on Saudi agenda, as mainstream media reported, but when has Saudi Arabia honored its promises! However, the obvious question is: Why this frenzy of rage?

Firstly: No one can disregard that the execution of Al-Nimr was reprisal for the killing of Commander of Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam), terrorist Zahran Alloush in Syria, a son of Syrian Saudi-based religious scholar Abdullah Mohammed Alloush. Zahran was Saudi Arabia’s number one man in Syria. 

Secondly: Saudi Arabia frenzy of rage has been ongoing since initial indications of final agreement between Iran and 5+1. Saudi Arabia strongly opposed the agreement. After couple of weeks, sanction against Iran will be lifted. Saudi Arabia’s bout of madness is willing to burn the whole region just to sabotage any US-Iran rapprochement.

Thirdly: the acute shift from proxy wars in Syria and Iraq to direct intervention in Yemen has proved to be a big mistake. Despite the so-called Arab alliance, Saudis are sinking in the Yemen quagmire. Failure to achieve any of its 5 goals in Yemen is causing this hysteria.

Fourthly: Saudi Arabia is losing its wars (direct or proxy) on all fronts, so? Saudi leaders think that striving for Sunni-Shia sectarian war may save their regime and preserve the Kingdom’s strategic stature in the region. They also think that US and Sunnis will rush to save their neck. Saudis are too blind to see that they have become a strategic and ethical liability.

The execution of Ayatollah Al-Nimr has triggered international condemnation, but that is enough. Condemnation should be accompanied with harsh actions against the ‘kingdom of evil’. The only possible solution to stabilize the region is to divide Saudi Arabia to four states.

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