VIDEO: US, French Aircraft Carriers Attack ISIS from Persian Gulf

Thu Dec 31, 2015 20:50:02

The US Navy resumed carrier-based airstrikes against ISIS targets after a nearly three month pause, the Department of Defense announced on Tuesday (December 30, 2015).

The military conducted sorties from the USS Harry Truman, which recently arrived in the Persian Gulf where.

Footage released by the Navy shows FA-18 Hornets being loaded with ordnance and taking off and returning to the deck of the nuclear-powered carrier during the day and night in support of Operation Inherent Resolve — the US-led coalition supporting air strikes against ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

The USS Truman joins the French nuclear carrier Charles de Gaulle which has been launching airstrikes from the Persian Gulf since November 23.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt rotated out of the region in October, leaving the Navy without a carrier presence; AP reported.

Washington claims that its military presence in Middle East aims eliminating ISIS (Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, but many Syrian and Iraqi people along with numerous experts believe that US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar created ISIS.


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