BY Different VIDEOS, Latest Developments in Battle Grounds of Syria

Sat Dec 26, 2015 14:44:39

Latakia, Idlib, Hama, Aleppo and Deir Ezzur were the latest Scene of Syrian Army fight against Terrorists.

Several strategic regions in Syria's northwestern province of Latakia have been liberated by the country's army in the course of its massive advances this week.

On Friday, the Syrian forces captured Ketf Al-Harami after their recent seizure of Jabal al-Nuba (al-Nuba Mountain), also winning back Talet Al-Awda in the countryside of Latakia.

Additionally, the army launched an offensive on the Talet Ghazaleh region of the province, where dozens of militants were killed and many more wounded in the fighting.

Also, Syrian troops seized control of strategic hilltops which had been captured earlier by terrorist extremist fighters in Latakia.


In particular, the army and the National Defense Forces liberated the Jabal al-Naom heights in the northern countryside of the province. The operation reportedly lasted just 12 hours, with many terrorists fleeing to the nearby towns of Salmi and Rabia.

On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry officials said that Russian fighter jets had made a total of 5,240 sorties since the start of the air operation against Daesh terrorists in Syria in 30 September.

The officials added that 145 of those sorties had only been carried out by long-range bombers, and that the Russian warplanes made 189 sorties on Thursday alone.

Increase of the number of oil trucks near the Turkish port Dortyol by up to 920 is observed



Increase of the number of oil trucks near the Turkish port Dortyol by up to 920 is observed




In Hama the Syrian and Russian warplanes intensified their air raids on the strongholds of Takfiri militants.The Russian airstrikes hit Takfiri militants' positions in al-Farfoura village in Hama.

Also in Hama, the Syrian warplanes bombed terrorists' concentration centers in the town of al-Lataminah and the villages of Maarkaba and Atshan. The air attacks left a large group of terrorists dead, the sources said.

On Thursday, a group of terrorists were killed and injured in clashes with the army in al-Sarmanieh in the Northwestern countryside of Hama.

The Syrian airstrikes also hit the Takfiri militants' gathering centers in the villages of Maarakaba, Lahaya, al-Dayrouna and al-Mansoura in Hama province.

But in Aleppo, Syrian army and its allies on Friday thwarted the attacks on Dwair al-Zaitoun and Handarat areas in the Northern countryside of province.

A group of militants were killed and injured in the clashes, field sources told FNA, adding militants' military equipment was also destroyed.

Also on Friday, sources said the Syrian army clashed with terrorists in the vicinity of Bashkoy as the militants launched an attack on the town.

According to the sources, Syrian forces killed scores of Takfiri terrorists, destroyed 7 tanks, a BMP vehicle and 23mm cannon and seized a tank.

.BY VIDEO, Latest Development in Battle Grounds of Syria


Reports also said the Syrian army killed Mohammed A'war, the military commander of the so-called Fajr al-Khelafa Battalions, in clashes with the terrorists in the vicinity of Bashkoy.

In Idlib at Least 9 Militants Killed in the Syrian army, backed by the country's airstrikes.

The Syrian army destroyed terrorists' concentration centers in Khan Sheikhoun city in the Southern part of Idlib province, and killed 6 Takfiris on Friday.

The Syrian forces also killed 3 Takfiri terrorists and destroyed their weapons and military equipment in al-Fatira village in Jabal al-Zawiya area.

On Thursday, the Syrian army intensified its anti-terrorism operations in Idlib and fired artillery shells on the Takfiri militants' positions amid heavy airstrikes.

The army fired artillery shells at militants' positions in Khan Sheikhoun city and al-Tamanaa town in Idlib.

The news came as the Syrian warplanes bombed militants' positions in Jisr al-Shughour city in the province.

But in one of ISIS stronghold, Syrian fighter jets carried out massive air raids on ISIL's concentration centers in surrounding areas of Deir Ezzur airbase, military sources in the airbase said Saturday.

Videos on social media purport to show air strikes by Russian planes near Damascus and in Hama province, as Russia says it has conducted 5,240 sorties in Syria since Sept. 30


"The ISIL positions in Baqjaji Farms near the strategic Deir Ezzur airbase came under massive bombardments of the Syrian jets," the sources said.

"The forces in the airbase had been informed of offensive arrangement of the ISIL terrorists in the farms and the airbase commanders asked the air force for immediate aerial attacks on enemy positions," the sources pointed out.

"The Syrian fighter jets bombed the ISIL gatherings heavily and prevented the terrorist groups from staging any fresh attack on the airbase," the sources said.

"The ISIL suffered heavy casualties and their military vehicles and equipment were destroyed in the airstrikes," the sources added.

But moreover from ISIS, Nusra Terrorists Hit Hard in Syrian Air Raids.The Syrian fighter jets intensified their air attacks on strategic positions of al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Central Province of Homs, leaving tens of Takfiris dead.

On Friday, Syrian fighter jets destroyed al-Nusra Front positions and gathering centers in al-Zaafaranyeh al-Sharqyeh, Teir Maala, Alkan Mount in the Northern part of Homs.

The Syrian warplanes also conducted airstrikes on al-Nusra positions in Wadi al-Khanazeir and Talbiseh in Homs.

Dozens of Takfiri terrorists were killed in the airstrikes. A number of militants' machine gun-equipped vehicles were also destroyed.

Palmyra ot Tadmur

Also on Friday, the Syrian warplanes launched massive airstrikes on ISIL strongholds in the Western part of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in the province of Homs, a source within the army ranks announced.

Syrian army and its allies, backed up by the Russian and Syrian warplanes, have been pounding the militant groups' defense lines and concentration centers near Palmyra in recent weeks to pave the ground for recapturing the city from the ISIL with the lowest number of casualties possible.

The Syrian army and its allies are resolved to push back the ISIL from Homs province, specially from Palmyra which is a treasure of historic monuments.

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