Iraqi Forces Kill 30 ISIS Terrorists & Dismantle 45 Explosives in Fallujah

Iraqi Forces Kill 30 ISIS Terrorists & Dismantle 45 Explosives in Fallujah
Fri Dec 25, 2015 16:27:05

Iraqi forces in their continuation of the liberalization operations south of Fallujah have killed 30 terrorists and dismantled 45 improvised explosive devices, Spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command announced.

The spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command Saad Maan said, “The heroes of Baghdad Operations Command are continuing the liberation operations in southern Fallujah (62 km west of the capital), dismantling 45 improvised explosive devices and cleansing the liberated areas.”


Maan noted, “The SWAT team managed to kill eight terrorists and dismantle 12 improvised explosive devices in Naemeh area,” indicating that, “The army’s sixth brigade killed 13 terrorists and destructed two vehicles belonging to the enemy in Ma’ameer area.”

“The army’s seventeenth brigade were able to kill nine terrorists, while dismantled 33 improvised explosive devices and destructed three sites for the enemy in Bostan al-Tikriti area,” he also added, IraqiNews reported.


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