Syria Needs to Stop Terrorists' Infiltration from Turkey and Jordan: Al-Moallem

Syria Needs to Stop Terrorists' Infiltration from Turkey and Jordan: Al-Moallem
Fri Dec 25, 2015 15:53:22

“Syria needs the necessity of focusing efforts to dry up the sources of terrorism and to stop infiltration of terrorists into Syria by international resolutions”, Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem said.

His reiteration came during a meeting with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi on Thursday evening, as al-Moallem is paying a visit to China that will last until December 26.

Draining sources of terrorism is in compliance with the Security Council’s resolutions relevant to combating terrorism, especially resolution no. 2253, and would help in pushing forward the political solution to the crisis in Syria, said al-Moallem.

As he presented the Syrian position on the issues of international efforts and means for countering terrorism and solving the crisis in Syria, the primary subject of the talks, al-Moallem stressed that the Syrian people stand firm in their battle defending Syria’s territorial integrity and will not accept any foreign interference in their right to self-determination.

Chinese State Councilor, for his part, stressed that his country supports the efforts seeking a political solution in Syria and facing the humanitarian repercussions of the crisis there along with fighting terrorism.

Beijing, he said, will continue providing support and humanitarian assistance to Damascus.

He considered the Chinese position as one of “supporting justice” as the Syrian people’s battle is one of “defending their existence and historical position.”

Yang reaffirmed in this context that it is all down to the Syrian people with their will and determination as they alone have the right to decide their country’s future.

Means to develop bilateral relations and the importance of continuing communication and mutual coordination between China and Syria were a point of interest highlighted during the talks, Sana reported.


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